Full Arch Treatment

A diagram of a full arch treatment at Smile Design Implant Centers.

Those who are missing all their teeth can benefit from a full arch treatment at Smile Design Implant Centers. Not only will this procedure improve your oral health and smile, but our skilled team will provide unparalleled service in a comfortable environment.

What is a Full Arch Treatment?

A full arch treatment replaces all of the upper or lower teeth with one full bridge arch. This process results in less surgery and a fully restored smile. A full arch treatment at our office is affordable, convenient, and will quickly provide our patients with a healthy, beautiful smile.

Advantages for Patients

A full arch treatment can replace a whole row of teeth, but are you aware of the other incredible benefits that come with this procedure? Here are some of the following advantages patients can expect when undergoing this dental treatment.

  • Improves confidence
  • Provides permanent stability
  • Retains facial appearance
  • Preserves jawbone volume

What is the Process?

Before the treatment, we will need to grab an impression of your teeth to make your custom bridge arch. If you have any teeth that need to be extracted, we’ll do that. Next, we’ll strategically place each dental implant in your mouth for the arch to go over them. This will ensure a secure hold. Once you heal, we’ll finally fit you for the permanent bridge, and you can leave our office with a fully functional smile.

Do You Need a Full Arch Treatment in Reno, NV?

Don’t let another day go by without restoring your smile to normal function. Our specialists at Smile Design Implant Centers will use their knowledge and incredible technology on cosmetic dentistry in Reno, NV to give you an amazing-looking smile. Give us a call today if you have any questions!

Get Your Smile Back

We at Smile Design Implant Center exist to help our patients transform their lives and improve their health and quality of life.  We believe that a beautiful, confident smile equates to a healthier, more fulfilling life. We strive to be the premier practice in dental transformation through service and technology.

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