When Is Tooth Extraction Needed?

Posted by Steven Lim Joseph Fields Apr 22, 2023

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At Smile Design Implant Centers, tooth extraction is a dental procedure involving removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Extraction is usually the treatment of last resort for treating a tooth that is severely damaged or decayed. Most of the time, teeth are removed because they are too damaged to save or are too crowded in the mouth to allow for proper alignment and development. Other times, they are removed to prevent infection, disease, or overcrowding from damaging the teeth still in place. Wisdom teeth are a third common reason someone may need a tooth extracted. Extraction may also be recommended if a tooth is causing overcrowding in the mouth. Tooth extraction may also be necessary if a patient is preparing for dentures.

The Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Improved Ability to Clean Your Teeth

After removing a tooth, it is easier to brush and floss the other teeth around the extraction site. As a result, the gums tend to heal faster, and there is a decreased risk of gum disease. Tooth extractions can also improve your ability to chew and speak properly.

Better Oral Hygiene

After the infected tooth is removed, the neighboring teeth won’t be affected in the same way they were before. The infection will no longer have a direct path to them. Without that path, the infection cannot travel from tooth to tooth. As a result, your teeth will be healthier and stronger once the extraction is complete.

Pain Relief

If you have a tooth causing you pain, it can be removed in a simple procedure by your dentist. Once the tooth is removed, you will experience relief from the pain and swelling. This ensures that you feel more comfortable while eating and talking, which can improve your overall health and lifestyle. Without the tooth causing pain or discomfort, you can smile and laugh again without avoiding certain foods or activities.

The Procedure for Tooth Extraction

A dental extraction begins when your dentist injects a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. Once the area is completely numb and you can feel no pain, the dentist will carefully loosen your tooth from its socket using special instruments called elevators. After it is detached from the socket, your dentist can remove it using forceps and gently rinse the area to remove any debris. Once your mouth is clean, the dentist will place gauze over the area to control any bleeding and help the healing process begin. Finally, your dentist will discuss aftercare options with you and give you specific instructions for caring for your mouth after the procedure correctly.

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