The Importance of Emergency Dentists in a Dental Emergency

Posted by Steven Lim Joseph Fields Jan 07, 2021

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It can be a scary situation to be in when you're confronted with a dental emergency. You don't know what to do to alleviate the pain, or stop the bleeding, or save the tooth from permanently dying. Thankfully, emergency dentists in Reno make themselves available to provide immediate care and attention to unprecedented dental dilemmas.  

However, some people don’t take advantage of immediate dental treatment. Thus, they endure the pain and deal with the problem on their own while waiting for an appointment, without knowing they could contact someone to alleviate the situation.  

Our teeth are a great factor in the beauty of our smile. When they are incomplete, the quality of our smiles also suffers. It's best to say that good oral health practices ensure that we get healthy teeth and gums. Through this, we can get rid of most, if not all, situations that would prompt us to call for an emergency dentist for help.

Top Things People Should Know About Emergency Dentists   

  • What is an Emergency Dentist? 

An emergency dentist is a dental care provider that offers services even for unscheduled patient visits. Some scenarios can't wait for the next appointment to arrive, and emergency dentists provide immediate action for those. At most, they are general dentists that underwent special training to handle urgent dental circumstances.  

Some of them are stationed in emergency rooms in hospitals, ready when their expertise is required on the table. 

When needed, they can perform an emergency tooth extraction, provide toothache relief, restore a loose filling or crown, give dental infection care, repair broken brackets or wires, or manage wisdom tooth pain.  

  • What Can an Emergency Dentist Treat? 

Emergency dentists can treat several dental issues, including more complex ones. In general, their goal is to reduce the pain and save the tooth as much as possible. The dental issues that emergency dentists can treat include the following:   

Cracked or Chipped Teeth 

A crack or chip to your teeth can happen if you bite into hard foods like ice and nuts. As we grow older, our teeth naturally weaken. Thus, what we can freely chew on when we're younger may be too hard for our teeth as we age.  

Additionally, when you grind your teeth while sleeping, you may also potentially cause them to crack or chip. If you don’t feel pain, we wouldn’t consider this an emergency, but some cases can be very painful. 


This is considered to be the most common reason why patients call for an emergency dentist's help. Understandably, tooth pain can be troublesome because it aggressively throbs and reaches your head and neck. While pain killers may help, it's still best to rush to your dentist to know the cause of such pain.  

Dislodged Teeth 

Knocked-out teeth and blood are a scary sight to see. We take so much care for our teeth only to be dislodged by accident. In cases like this, you should dial your emergency dentist right away so you can save your teeth before it's too late.  

A knocked-out tooth can be because of trauma, like when you're playing contact sports.   

Fractured Jaw 

Accidents can have gruesome results. They can include a fractured jaw, which should prompt you to call your emergency dentist for immediate help. 

  • ‍How Do I Choose the Right Dentist for Me? 

Choosing the right dentist is like choosing your warrior in a mobile game. They will fight the fight for you and with you; thus, you should be meticulous about what you need to consider to help you choose. 

Reputation and Credibility 

You have to do your research. If you want the best, you should look for reviews from previous patients. Did they have a worthwhile experience with this dentist? What is their success rate? Were the patients happy with the service provided by their dentist? 

These are things you should be asking about to lead you to the best emergency dentist there is.  

Accessibility and Urgency 

Emergencies can't wait. In situations like this, every second counts. You should have a dentist who will act upon it with a sense of urgency. Waiting for hours before a dislodged tooth is placed back to its roots may cause the tooth to die, leaving you with an incomplete smile and shattered self-esteem. 

Facilities and Level of Care 

You should also check if the dentist has complete equipment needed for important dental procedures. Do they have modern technology for dental restorations? However, even the best dental equipment feels useless when the dentist does not give their patients a positive experience.  

  • How do they handle emergencies? Can they make you feel comfortable on a dentist's chair? Can they manage dental anxiety? 


Since time is of the essence, you should look for a dentist near you. Driving too far or too fast during an emergency may put you in more serious danger, so you don't want to risk that. Having a nearby dentist instead ascertains that the situation is dealt with at the soonest possible time.  


Receiving dental procedures does not mean putting you in heaps of debt. Choose a dentist that is friendly to your budget. Some dentists also offer staggard payment, so you can make the most of that. Sadly, some people delay their dental treatments because of the cost of such procedures.  

As a result, the problem worsens and requires more invasive procedures and a higher sum of money.

Get an Emergency Dentist in Reno Now 

Knowing who to trust in a dental emergency is a top priority so you can feel comfortable during the entire process. With an emergency dentist you trust, you can peacefully sit on a dentist's chair and not worry about your dental woes.  

At Smile Design Implant Center, our dentists are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience in dealing with dental emergencies. We pride ourselves as the best dental office you can depend on for your restorative or cosmetic oral procedures. We aim to give our patients a stunning smile and make sure they understand how to take excellent care of it.  

Contact us today to learn more about our services.  

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