Situations That Constitute a Dental Emergency

Posted by Steven Lim Joseph Fields Apr 13, 2022

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What do you do when a tooth falls out? What if you have a toothache or a broken tooth? Dental emergencies are anything that requires a visit to an emergency dentist in Reno. An oral emergency requires immediate attention and response because the oral cavity is compromised. These situations cause pain and discomfort to the patient more often than not.  

An oral emergency provides a potential danger to the teeth and gums. If left unattended, these issues can pose more significant problems in the future. Unfortunately, emergency dentists don't get the attention they deserve. We think dental emergencies may not happen to us, so we don't take preventive measures, like having an emergency dentist on call when the need arises.  

Sadly, even a mere second may affect how detrimental an oral emergency can be to our dental health. Therefore, dental professionals emphasize the importance of being prepared for a dental emergency by knowing its types and what you can do to mitigate its harm before a dental care provider sees you.  

Common Types of Dental Emergencies


A toothache is a throbbing pain that causes the patient to experience severe discomfort. In fact, toothaches are considered excruciating since the pain can travel to the face, neck, and even the head. With this, the patient may feel like their head seems to be breaking apart.  

A toothache may result from several reasons. Some causes are acute trauma to the tooth, with dental infection being the most common. A dental infection happens when plaque has accumulated in the tooth. It causes the tooth to get inflamed, resulting in a painful experience.  

Loose Teeth

Most of the time, loose teeth can be due to facial trauma. It usually happens during contact sports or other physical activities, especially when the patient does not wear a mouthguard.  

Having loose teeth calls for a dental emergency because the teeth are supposed to be sturdy so that they can endure the stresses when eating and chewing. At the same time, when you have loose teeth, it may mean that the dental pulp was also damaged.

Chips or Cracks

Chips and cracks create an unsightly smile. Aside from that, they may hurt. That is why this oral issue needs a speedy response. If left untreated, the chip or crack may worsen, leading to the eventual demise of the tooth. In this situation, it can be a lot more costly for a dental restoration that usually requires an invasive procedure.  

Knocked-Out Teeth

Bad things can happen in minutes when faced with a knocked-out tooth. A knocked-out tooth is a tooth that is removed from its socket due to facial trauma or an accident. Because of the severity of the scenario, you must be quick in your actions by calling for an emergency dentist and driving yourself to the clinic right away. Your action's swiftness, or lack thereof, may cause the tooth to be saved or die an unexpected death.  

Soft Tissue Injury

The good thing about a soft tissue injury is that it only looks worse than it is. The blood usually mixes with your saliva, making the bleeding look worse. When you experience a soft tissue injury, there are first aid treatments you can try to do at home, like rinsing your mouth with salt water or antiseptic mouth wash.  

You may also put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Just make sure that you wash your hands properly before doing this. However, if the bleeding doesn't stop and the injury is longer than half an inch in length, then it's best to consult your dentist.

Loose Filling or Crown

Although a loose filling or crown is rarely an emergency, it can be painful because the exposed tooth is sensitive to temperature, air, or pressure. The dental crown and filling protect the tooth from harmful bacteria and future decay.  

Thus, the longer you prolong your visit to your dentist, the more that the tooth is susceptible to infection. Additionally, the exposed tooth may not be as strong as the crown, causing differences in the tooth's daily function and feel.  

Broken Dental Restoration

When it comes to a broken dental restoration, you should leave it to your dentist to handle it. Never attempt to fix the problem with the bit of knowledge you have from watching YouTube videos. A dental restoration is a complex structure, so it's best to let an expert deal with it.  

By trying to fix it on your own, you compromise the integrity of your dental restoration, affecting the function and purpose it serves to your oral health.  

Broken Orthodontics

Do you have broken metal wires poking your cheeks? In most cases, you should be okay until you make an appointment. However, some situations might call for the help of an emergency dentist because you may hurt the soft tissues in your mouth or, worse, swallow the broken wire. Never try to cut the broken wire of your dental braces.  


An abscess appears like a pimple that holds pus inside. It is due to an infection that affects the oral cavity. Abscesses near the root of the tooth, between the teeth, or near the gums are serious because they can spread and cause the teeth to become loose.  

However, the tricky part about having an abscess is that it's challenging to locate it. If you think you have an abscess, check if the lump is painful. If it is, contact your emergency dentist right away for dental treatment.  

Bleeding After a Tooth Extraction

While it's normal to experience bleeding after an operation, the situation calls for an emergency dentist if there is severe bleeding long after the procedure is over. In this circumstance, continue biting on the gauze while going to your dentist. Don't rinse, eat, drink, suck, or sip, as any pressure can worsen the bleeding.  

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Reno?

Nobody wishes to be in an unfortunate plight, such as facing a dental emergency. Nevertheless, it's advantageous when you know who to turn to if it happens. At Smile Design Implant Center, we have emergency dentists dedicated to resolving dental emergencies so that our patients can return to their normal day-to-day activities instantly.  

We also offer sedation dentistry methods for those who are afraid of the dentist so that they feel better about undergoing dental treatments. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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